Axial Provider: Transition of Care Software
to Enhance your EHR System

Axial Provider makes it painless to keep the care community informed of hospital encounters.

It instantly and automatically distributes clinical summaries of every ER visit and inpatient admission to a patient’s entire circle of care—including PCPs, case managers and other caregivers. Designed for simplicity of use with mobile, tablet and PC devices, Axial Provider is all-digital, all real-time.

Reduce Readmissions 28%

Protect Your Hospital from Readmission Penalties

Coordinated care reduces readmission. On average, just 1 out of 4 primary care physicians receive discharge summaries. With Axial, every care provider from PCP to case manager has clinical information at their fingertips, delivered to them on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Increase the Value of Your Existing EHR

Axial Provider makes your existing electronic health record more valuable. In addition to automatically delivering discharge summaries, it gives care providers the ability to customize the information they receive and when they receive it.

Healthcare software people love to use

User Experience is a top-priority

There’s no reason healthcare software shouldn’t be as intuitive as the best-designed consumer software. Axial Provider enables busy physicians to access exactly what they need without sifting through extraneous data.

Intelligent message delivery to the entire circle of care

Axial Provider routes customized information to each member of a patient’s circle of care, including the primary care physician, case managers and specialists.

Delivery confirmation and usage tracking

Axial Provider tracks delivery receipt and usage patterns over time for both individuals and groups of providers.

Customized notification settings

Providers can choose their preferences, electing to be notified of ER and hospital events or to only receive alerts about particular patients or events, such as readmission for a high-risk congestive heart failure patient. Providers can also opt to have all notifications sent to a practice manager or nurse.

Enhanced EHR Capabilities

Axial Provider boosts the value of your electronic health record’s discharge summary or continuity of care document with beautiful design, intelligent routing, customizable notification settings and usage tracking.


Axial turns this...

Reduce readmissions

Half of readmitted patients never attend their follow-up outpatient appointment. Axial Provider puts responsibility in the hands of providers, making them aware of their patients’ hospital treatments and better equipped to provide post-discharge care.

Improve relations with community providers

Most physicians are very busy. Chasing down discharge summaries from hospitals can take 30 minutes or more out of an already tightly scheduled day. By providing information that leads to better care, Axial helps hospitals improve relations with community providers and thereby gain more hospital referrals.

..into this.

Eliminate waste

Chart-chasing, faxing, frantic phone calls—these activities can add up to hundreds and thousands of staff hours that Axial eliminates.

Profit from health care reform

Payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and many commercial payers are now affected by readmission rates and patient satisfaction scores. Axial helps hospitals avoid penalties and capture reimbursement premiums by delivering care that is coordinated and patient-friendly.


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