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Patient engagement via a branded mobile application

Through an easy-to-use application, patients learn about their condition and medications, track progress against their care plan, and learn how to stay well. Axial's patient engagement program a strategic component of health systems across the country -- from HCA to Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. These health systems use Axial to decrease readmissions, improve patient satisfaction, and profit under health reform. Axial Patient was developed under the guidance of Dr. Paul Takahashi and Dr. Nathan Jacobson of Mayo Clinic.

Patient engagement is a already top priority. The next step is to offer patients the mobile tools they need to engage.

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Profit from Health Reform

Protect Your Hospital from Readmission Penalties

Readmission rates rise when patients fail to adhere to their care plans. When 2 of 3 patients can't even describe their condition, how can they follow a care plan?

Axial Patient is a mobile app that resides your patients' devices. With its simple interface and easy-to-understand language, patients can learn about their condition, make appointments and plan for their aftercare before they are even discharged.


Increase the Value of Your Patient Portal

Axial Patient makes a patient portal investment more valuable by incorporating interactive content about a patient’s specific condition. This content can easily be published to your existing patient portal or hosted by Axial. Put hospital information at your patients’ finger tips


  • Wayfinding with floor plans and maps
  • Click-to-call contact directory
  • Real-time news and blog feed
  • Electronic insurance card
  • Mayo Clinic medical library
  • ER wait times (optional)
  • Personal health records (optional)
  • Personal health trackers ... and more


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Healthcare software that people love to use

We believe that healthcare software should be as delightful to use as the best-designed consumer software. Axial focuses on enabling patients to access health information at their own level and learn at their own pace.

Patient education on 2,000+ conditions

Axial Patient offers educational content for virtually every condition. The content helps patients understand symptoms, causes, risk factors, tests, procedures, drugs and how to prepare for specific types of appointments.

Tools for Medication Adherence

Without Axial, 75% of patients don't follow their medication plan. With Axial, your patients will have all of their medications stored within the app along with reminders of when to take them, how much to take, and any other usage instructions.

Chronic Disease Management

Diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, and kidney disease all require careful self care. Axial provides interactive tools for tracking blood pressure, glucose, weight, mood, and other metrics that are essential guide posts for patients seeking to stay well.

Integrated patient portals 

Axial's interactive self-management tools are a perfect complement to personal health record information available through patient portal. As an customer option, Axial can make personal health record information from patient portals available through patient's mobile devices.

Self-Service Content Updates

Make changes to your content through a single web page and changes will get pushed out to all Apple and Android users - without having to resubmit to the app store. Also, get detailed usage analytics by location and device.

Ongoing Support + Updates

An Axial subscription has you covered for all new versions of Apple and Android. We provide ongoing support and updates to ensure that your users receive a first class mobile experience.

ER Wait Times (optional)

Help your patients choose the appropriate Emergency Room location by posting continuously updated wait time estimates.


Improve Outcomes through Patient Engagement

Don’t be left behind. 56% of patients said they like the idea of remote healthcare services and 41 percent indicated they would like to see it delivered by mobile device. 1.4 Billion smartphones will be in market by 2015 and 500 million will have a health-related application loaded on it.

Reduce readmissions

50% of readmitted patients never schedule their follow-up outpatient appointment. With Axial Patient, appointments are made before a patient is even discharged.

Improve patient satisfaction scores

Patient satisfaction is increasingly affecting payment from Medicare and other insurance agencies. With Axial Patient, hospitals can offer a richer patient experience and address issues without increasing nursing staff.

Increase patient loyalty

Much hospital marketing comes down to a simple goal: attract patients to key service lines. With Axial Mobile, health systems are able to create an ongoing touchpoint with patients before health care decisions are made. 

Profit from health care reform

Payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and many commercial payers are now affected by readmission rates and patient satisfaction scores. Axial helps hospitals avoid penalties and capture reimbursement premiums by delivering care that is coordinated and patient-friendly.

Get the Patient Engagement Primer white paper.

See how your hospital can use mobile apps to drive patient engagement.


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