Hospital Mobile App for Patients

A Hospital Mobile App for Patients

Your mobile app is the core of your mHealth strategy and Axial can help you bring it all together with a set of tools designed just for their audience. From patients to providers, Axial's mobile apps connect health system resources to anyone who needs them.

Better care

Patients who use the mobile app receive enhanced care by connecting to devices or adding their own vital data. Using that information, the app can give feedback about behavior or let them know its time to see a physician.

Better marketing

You can build brand affinity by providing real value in your mobile app. Patients have big expectations in their mobile experience and Axial makes it possible for you to exceed them. Axial's mobile suite gives you the ability to communicate just what the patient needs, when they need it.

Together, that's Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is considered a top-3 priority of 81% of Health System CEO’s, but there is much confusion about what it actually is. To Axial, an engaged patient is one that takes a more active role in self care. Health systems support engagement by providing patients with information and software tools to stay well between encounters. The future of health care marketing is patient engagement, and Axial gives you the footpath to get there.

Branded for your hospital, clinic, or health system

Flexible features, customized for your health experience

Hospital Information

Help your patients navigate your hospital or clinic with a click-to-call physician directory, maps and directions, and a continuously updated news feed.

First Aid + Health Library

Offer information from the Mayo Clinic - one of the world’s most trusted resources - on over 1,000 conditions, including tests and procedures and first aid.

Digital Insurance Card

Allow your patients to store insurance information, including a photo of the front and back of their card, on the one item they always have with them -- their phone.

Connected Health Trackers

Offer your patients a way to track key health metrics, including weight, glucose, cholesterol, medications, pregnancy, migraines, depression, in the app or with one of hundreds of connected devices.

Self-Service Content Updates

Make changes to your content through a single web page and changes will get pushed out to all Apple and Android users - without having to resubmit to the app store. Also, get detailed usage analytics by location and device.

Ongoing Support + Updates

An Axial subscription has you covered for all new versions of Apple and Android. We provide ongoing support and updates to ensure that your users receive a first class mobile experience.

Patient Health Records

Boost the value of your EHR investment and achieve meaningful use by enabling your patients to access their records on their phone.

Your Health System Wants to With Axial
Reduced Avoidable Hospitalizations
  • Patients have a complete medication list on their phones --with automatic reminders of what to take, when
  • Patients have one-touch access to contact every person and place in the health system
  • Patients have the ability to monitor their symptoms, vitals, and daily activity -- and share that with their doctor
  • Patients have trusted information about their condition -- as well as the associated tests and medications
Boost Patient Satisfaction & Reduce Network Leakage
  • Patients can use their smartphone to understand the purpose and usage/dosage instructions for each medication
  • Patients have the ability to interact with the health system via their smartphone -- including reading relevant materials from their care provider
  • Patients can pull down their medical records -- in a secure -- manner directly from their phone
Close Care Gaps
  • Patients can be alerted for upcoming screenings and immunizations -- and schedule appointments with one touch
  • Patients can be reminded of key PCP appointments -- such as following a hospitalization or an annual wellness exam

A Data Hub for Patient Information


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