Hospital Patient Engagment

I am having trouble
increasing Patient Satisfaction

Satisfaction starts with patient engagement:

  • Support shared decision making by arming patients with tools to monitor progress against health goals.
  • Reinforce all doctor-to-patient communication via reference medical information on the patient’s smartphone.
  • When prescribing a medication, ensure that capture the dosage and usage instructions on their smartphones.
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Hospital Patient Engagment

I have a mandate to
reduce costly care-cycles

Patient engagement supports care continuity:

  • Ensure all patients have their full medication list accessible on their mobile phones -- along with dosage and usage reminders.
  • Give patients the tools to track symptoms and identify the appropriate care setting for treatment.
  • At discharge, give patients the mobile tools to monitor exercise, diet, mood, and vital signs.
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Hospital Patient Engagment

I want to
close care gaps

Automate the easiest components of patient engagement:

  • Directly message patients’ smartphones when they are due for screenings and immunizations.
  • Set reminders for post-discharge appointments right on patients’ smartphones.
  • While patients are using the app &em; and health is top of mind &em; remind patients when they are due for preventative care and wellness exams.
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Patient Engagement School

Axial's huge library of material on Patient Engagement. Learn everything from the basics of what Patient Engagement is and why its important to measurement and program rollout.

Axial exchange provides a cost effective means for health systems to connect with patients.

Patients use Axial's app for ongoing health management.

Providers can influence their patients at the population, cohort, or individual level.

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Patient Engagement Solutions for Healthcare

Axial Exchange is revolutionizing healthcare communication and patient engagement with mobile software. Axial builds mobile software that helps patients, physicians and other health professionals engage jointly in the recovery plan and stay well between encounters. Axial also offers comprehensive on-site service for the roll-out and ongoing management of patient engagement programs.

Axial also provides health systems with the ability to quantify engagement on the population and individual level and to customize patient communication based on demographic and clinical characteristics. The result is increased patient loyalty, reduced readmissions, and improved HCAHPS.

Axial Exchange was founded in 2009 and is backed by the Mayo Clinic and Canaan Partners. In December 2011, Axial was awarded first place nationally in Care Transition by Health 2.0 and US department of Health and Human Services.

Patient Engagement by Axial Exchange

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