California, 12 Other States Requiring Hospitals to Communicate with Family Caregivers

It's not difficult to communicate with a patient's family or loved ones, but some hospitals fall short.   Continuing the trend of informing down stream providers, on January 1, California joined a dozen other states in requiring hospitals to alert family caregivers when their family member has 

After some caregivers have complained that they aren't kept informed about their family members status and that discharge has been a mess.  The law SB 675, which was unanimously supported by California's Legislature and requires that hospitals:

  • identify a caregiver during a patient's hospitalization
  • inform that caregiver of the patient's
    • discharge date
    • instructions
    • and medication schedules

I know recently when I had an elderly family member discharged after a minor stroke, the hospital- a well respected one- really botched discharge, failing to communicate the instructions to the patient or his caregivers.  The communication was so poor, it came from someone who struggled with english and many of the instructions weren't documented on paper.   The writen instructions were so general that many of the details were incorrect or irrelevant.  It's easy to see how the requirements of law SB 675 could formalize the discharge communication process in a way that drastically improved that experience.  

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