Reducing Type II Diabetes via Patient Engagement

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is a well-regarded clinical research program that used case managers and educators to improve the health of 3,000 overweight Americans. The program resulted in a 58% reduction in Type II Diabetes. A new generation of interventions are taking the lessons from the DPP and using technology to make them much more affordable. 


DPS Health of Los Angeles is one organization that uses technology to prevent and treat diabetes. Its Virtual Lifestyle Management program includes interactive education content and tools that patients use to plan their days. The Government Employees Health Association, the nation's second largest for civilian government employees, has been using the program for four years. 80% of the participants have lost an average of 10 pounds each.



Neal Kaufman, MD/MPH, the Chief Medical Officer of DPS Health sums up his goals this way:


"Patients should be able to manage their own risks and conditions with effective, affordable and scalable approaches that are based on evidence and provide education and support to help them overcome barriers to healthy living. These programs should also be linked to appropriate websites, mobile devices and technologies that help consumers set goals, monitor performance and track outcomes over time."


At Axial, we couldn't agree more.