Product Update: the 4 new mobile features we’re excited about

We've been hard at work creating new features and functionality we're pretty excited about. The improvements are the product of your feedback and patient feedback.  While we're always doing minor tweaks here and there we wanted to give you a peek at some of the big new changes that are coming: 


Health Snapshot

All of a patient's tracked data, summarized in one place.  Users health entries are easier than ever to access and review, right from the home screen.


Care Team  

A central place to keep track of all of the providers, facilities and friends who help them stay well.  Users can easily add (and delete) providers and locations from our directories or even from their own contacts.  We had been getting feedback from both our clients and end users that having a spot for the people involved in their care was important.  So, we put on our thinking caps and are pretty excited with the result.


Health Journal

A record of major health events helps give users a more complete picture of their health history.  They can add immunizations, injuries, illnesses and much more.  These records may be scattered across different doctors they’ve seen and now they can keep them all in one central place.   We like to think of it as a patient's own personal health record, right on their phone. 


Activity Goals

Once an activity app/wearable is connected, users can now set a weekly walk, run or bike goal.  They can enter a goal in steps or miles and watch as they meet it.  Studies show that rewarding positive behaviors (especially in fitness tracking) increases motivation, and here’s a first step in that direction.  Keep an eye on the activity tracker as we continue to deliver new functionality with that in mind.