More Americans have smartphones in 2013 than had home internet in 2003

Hey hospitals and health systems. Quick question. When did you launch your public website? That's what I thought. Mostly around 1998-2001. The laggards among you waited until 2002-2003.


I can imagine the internal debate from 2003.


Laggard: Should we go ahead with the website when 45% of our region doesn't have internet access at home? I can't imagine older people using the internet. It's mainly used by younger people. Let's face it, younger people are not our target.


Innovator: How can we possibly ignore the 55% of people with internet access? People expect us to be accessible online. Our competitors are online. End-user adoption of the internet is growing every day among every age and income category. The longer we wait, the further we drop behind.


Why is this relevant today? Because smartphone adoption in 2013 is higher than home internet access adoption was in 2003. And it is growing much faster than home internet access did.


Let's take a closer look.


From 2001 to 2003 Home Internet Access grew from 50% to 54%

Source: US Census



From 2011 to 2013 Smartphone Adoption grew from 35% to 56%

Source: PewResearchCenter 



18%: Overall Homes with internet in 1997

18%: Senior Citizens with Smartphones in 2013  

Source: PewResearchCenter


41%: Overall homes with internet in 2000

43%: Lower-Income families with Smartphones in 2013 

Source: PewResearchCenter



56%: 2013 Americans with Smartphones

62%: 2013 Americans with Broadband at Home

Source: PewResearchCenter



More young adults have smartphones than have broadband

Source: PewResearchCenter


Last question. Is your hospital a mobile laggard?