May updates to Axial Provider Discharge software

We are working hard to make the Axial discharge tool better. This month we have some new features  based on your feedback. Here is the list of latest enhancements and features to the Axial Provider software.

Patient List Update

A better patient list

Complete diagnosis 
​Facility Name 
Clear New, read and done statuses for records

  • Unread patient records appear in bold
  • Opened records appear in grey
  • Patients records that have been Printed or Saved appear a faded grey 
  • When new reports are added to an existing patient, that record appears unread and at the top of your patient list 

A feedback tab has been added to the Axial Provider website. This is the best way to send in feature requests, bug reports or anything else on your mind.  We love feedback and it's a big part of how we plan product enhancements.  Let us know your thoughts!