Major enhancements to Axial’s mobile engagement app

Axial Exchange, Inc., a pioneer in using mobile applications to deepen the patient’s role in improving outcomes, today announced that it has introduced a major new release of its mobile application that provides patients with a whole new way to stay well. The new application puts the world’s best health content and tools right on a patient’s smartphone or tablet. With the new app, patients have a single hub for all of their health apps and devices and are able to securely share this personal health data with their physicians. When patients have questions about their health, they can easily search through vetted health content covering thousands of health topics.

The first Axial client to roll-out the new application is Blackstone Valley Community Health Center (CHC). The Blackstone Valley CHC is currently available for download in the Apple and Android app stores. (Go here to check it out.)





The enhancements to the Axial app include a new set of interactive capabilities and health and wellness management tools that will foster even greater engagement between patients and care teams. Specifically, some of the new features that Axial Exchange is now showcasing on its app include:


  • Gesture-based Navigation: Over 90% of user activity on Axial’s mobile application is related to health tracking activities such as weight tracking, blood pressure tracking, and medication tracking. Enhanced gesture-based navigation capabilities enable Axial mobile app users to quickly and easily navigate and input self-tracking data with their thumb.
  • Integrations with Third Party Wellness Vendors: Axial is now integrating with fitness and wellness devices, including:  Withings© WiFi scale and blood pressure cuff, FitBit© and Jawbone© wearable trackers, and other smartphone applications like Strava© and Moves©. These new integrations enable Axial app users to track their physical activity, blood pressure, glucose, and weight by syncing up with the other medical and wellness devices they use.
  • Enhanced Mood Tracking: This new feature allows users to track their emotional state alongside their physical state, enabling physicians to identify any correlations between physical symptoms and emotional conditions when determining a diagnosis.
  • Secure Messaging: Providers will now be able to send secure messages to patients at the individual, cohort, or population level.


“Our goal at Axial is to partner with healthcare providers to put patients at the center of the healthcare system,” said Joanne Rohde, CEO of Axial Exchange. “With our new integrations, secure messaging and mood tracker feature, our mobile app now provides a more holistic view of patients’ health and wellness between doctor visits, which will ultimately improve health outcomes, satisfy patients, and reduce healthcare costs.”

Axial also announced today that Apple’s Health Kit and Android Fit will be leveraged as additional data sources for its application once the services are launched by Apple and Google respectively.